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Year Round Tax Office

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Taxpayers look for income tax preparation services all year long – not just during the main tax season. 1040TaxBiz works year-round to support your needs related to operating a tax business.

Location Assistance

By providing a list of zip codes for your potential office, we can create a list of how many returns local tax preparation companies previously filed. You can use that information to place your tax office near your competition to attract their customers or far away so you can find new customers.


You can choose to take our online training, participate in instructor-led classes, or visit 1040TaxBiz headquarters for hands-on instruction. Classes qualify for IRS Continuing Education Credit.

Marketing Ideas to Attract Year-Round Customers

There are a variety of reasons why customers may need service outside the main tax season. You will learn resources for partnering with referral companies whose customers need filing assistance as well as learn talk tracks that motivate customers who have not filed.

Bank Products

Banks don’t work with new businesses to offer bank products which allow a customer to pay tax preparation fees out of their refund. Offering a bank product allows you to offer cash advances. Help your customers get money when they need it. Capitalize on your relationship with 1040TaxBiz to offer bank products and set your tax business apart.

Add-on Products

Cross marketing other products and services can help you grow your business. You can offer products that improve the quality of your customer’s lives including a telemedicine or vision/dental discount and audit protection, and add those services into the cost of a return.

Additional Business Opportunities

You choose to offer other business services to supplement your revenue outside the main tax season when fewer customers are filing. Discover ideas in our marketing classes for other services that attract customers so you can cross market your business offerings. Purchase Credit Repair as a service you provide down the road to attract customers all year long and cross market your other business offerings.

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