a digital marketing platform for year-round tax opportunity.

Every tax business wants to stretch their marketing budget to reach the greatest number of customers possible. A digital marketing platform incorporating beacon technology helps companies effectively connect with new customers while maintaining engagement with existing customers. A partnership between 1040TaxBiz and ipushsales offers benefits to our clients in two ways at a discounted rate. First, you can use the technology to build your own tax business. Second, as a reseller of the service to ANY industry, you can earn additional income.

A beacon is a small device that beams messages to nearby android phones with Bluetooth and notification alerts enabled. The distance that message carries depends on the style of beacon and can be adjusted to a small area such as the immediate space around a museum display to a large area such as the streets around a home listing.

You can place beacons inside a store to alert people to information about the products and services. Placing them near your competitors allows you to inform people how your own business excels to drive them to buy from you.

Beacons have found uses in many industries beyond the examples below.

  • Major retailers use beacon technology to inform their customers of specials and offer coupons.
  • Realtors can place one in homes for sale so people passing by can learn about the listing.
  • Restaurants use the beacon to transmit breakfast, lunch and dinner specials that change by the time of day.
  • Museums can send links to videos as visitors travel through the displays.

The message transmitted by the beacon includes a link to a landing page. Landing pages are mini web pages that you create to capture the viewer’s attention about an aspect of your business.

You can describe your product or service, offer a coupon, direct the customer to your main web site for more information, or collect their contact information for mailing lists.

What does the iPush digital marketing platform offer?

No other marketing platform company offers the range of services as ipushsales. You can purchase the beacons and the ability to create landing pages and contact information forms. You can create email campaigns to keep customers who have opted in to receiving messages informed. SMS text messaging allows you to send notifications directly to their phones. An app creation tool increases your brand awareness and allows you another means to send immediate notifications to smart devices. An optional service called gamification which engages customers by offering discounts through games such as digital scratch off tickets can also be added.

How much does it cost to use this service for my business?

Clients purchasing the beacons and monthly service package receive the following discounts based on their 1040TaxBiz tax office package.

Business Simple 15%
Business 20%
Corporate 25%

How much does it cost to become a reseller?

Clients who purchase the 1040TaxBiz Corporate Tax Office Package at $899 are eligible to participate in the reseller program. You must purchase the Pro Proximity Solution Platform Plus at $49 (discounted from $79). While a $129 fee will be charged for the personalization of the reseller web site, a $250 monthly fee when under 25 paying offices will be waived.

Where can I learn more?

1040TaxBiz clients interested in being a reseller for the beacon marketing platform can visit demopush.me. This is a sample web site that can be tweaked with your business name, logo, and email address for customers to ask questions and purchase the beacons. You can also learn more about beacon marketing at ipushsales.com.