How can 1040TaxBiz help me reach my business goals?

1040TaxBiz has over 20 years of experience in helping people start or grow tax businesses. We would like to honor active first responders and their family members and veterans to start their own tax businesses by waiving the startup fee. 1040TaxBiz makes it easy, affordable, and profitable for first responders and veterans to become CEOs of their own companies with our all-inclusive business package.

What are the benefits of working with 1040TaxBiz?

1040TaxBiz offers all of the benefits of large franchises at a fraction of the cost – in this case, $0 – in exchange for a small portion of the revenue from each return. You’re not locked into a startup fee of tens of thousands of dollars. We have a vested interest in your success because when you make money, we make money. Other benefits include IRS tax law education, software and training, marketing tools, and technical support. Completion of our IRS certified training classes earns you a certificate for continuing education.

Where can I open my business?

Some business owners operate a retail to increase visibility to customers their first year. Others start from home and build their customer base slowly. Our program allows you the flexibility of traveling to meet your customers at their convenience. Whether you’re a retired veteran or active first responder, you choose where and how to run your business.

How else can my tax business stand out?

  • Not all preparers have a relationship with a bank to offer a loan up to $1200. This is a great marketing tool to attract customers to you.
  • You can name your own business! Our logo appears in the corner of marketing materials to show a national company supports your business.
  • Whether you want to operate during the main tax season or year-round, customers can contact us directly for assistance when you are unavailable.
  • 1040TaxBiz has options for additional revenue streams by offering tax prep add-ons and other business opportunities to offer year-round.

When can I get started?

Contact a 1040TaxBiz team member today for more information about our offer to honor active first responders, their families, and veterans for assistance with applying for IRS credentials.


Easy to use online tax preparation software

Flexibility to offer service from anywhere

IRS certified tax compliance education

In-season live support via video conference

Bank advances to attract customers

Market competition analysis

Location assistance

Assistance with obtaining IRS credentials

Offsite tax return archival

Personalized web page

Additional year-round revenue streams

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