1040TaxBiz Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is the best option for entrepreneurial partners with dual channels for year-round revenue. First, generate income by preparing personal, small business and corporate returns. We prepare you for success with software, tax law, and marketing training. Build your business quickly by hiring team members that we will also train and support. We can assist you with finding the right location for your business.

Second, the SWIM marketing platform is a business opportunity to earn additional year-round revenue with up to 20 locations. This powerful marketing system helps businesses build their customer base by keeping them engaged. When customers visit a business using the SWIM program, they are prompted for information such as their names and email addresses and provided with digital coupons or ads upon logging into the wifi. Customers also give authorization for the business to contact them at a later date with special offers and updates about their products and services. Businesses access the contact information through a portal and can use it to create email and mail campaigns. As a reseller, we teach you how to approach businesses about the opportunity, provide marketing materials and an agreement template, preconfigure and ship a router box, and train you how the client accesses and uses customer data for marketing purposes.

If you have 20 locations each spending $49 minimum per month for their service, that’s almost $1000 in income! Earn additional revenue through installation fees and updating the coupons and ads for each client.

Cost: $2899

The tax preparation business portion of the package includes:

  • Banners and posters available
  • PTIN / EFIN assistance
  • Remote technical support
  • Marketing webinars and group forums
  • Direct deposit to customer’s checking or savings account
  • Software and tax law training
  • 24/7 access to 1040 University training website
  • Refund checks printed in office
  • Customer cash advances
  • Location Assistance

The SWIM marketing business opportunity includes:

  • 20 SWIM marketing locations
  • Marketing training and materials
  • Service agreement templates
  • Customer portal data access and usage training
  • Pre-programmed router boxes (additional cost per unit)
  • Automated client billing system


We provide all the training and marketing tools for both tax preparation and the SWIM marketing platform. This $2899 investment includes brick-and-mortar location assistance, lease negotiation assistance, software for preparing corporate returns, and training and support for year-round tax preparation. Start earning revenue now with up to 20 SWIM marketing program locations!

  • 7 years of state & federal returns
  • All state efile capability
  • IRS PTIN registration and renewal
  • IRS EFIN application and registration
  • Personal & small business tax preparation software
  • Off-site data backup and storage
  • Bank products
  • Cash advance loans
  • Back office support
  • Tax return preparation support
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Marketing and income tax preparer training
  • Federal and state e-filing
  • Bilingual support
  • Tax office technical support
  • 20 SWIM marketing locations

Audit protection offers peace of mind for both you and your customer. The IRS is scrutinizing returns more closely than ever for errors and possible fraud. If your customer receives a letter from the IRS requesting additional documentation, you can defer the customer to a company with experience in handling inquiries. Audit protection saves you the headache of helping the customer resolve the issue and saves your customer time, money, and effort in dealing directly with the IRS.

The Ultimate Package maximizes earning potential by balancing 4 months of tax preparation with year-round marketing services through the SWIM marketing platform.