People look forward to IRS tax refund checks every tax season. There are 10 businesses and industries that benefit from income tax refunds.

Business Opportunity #10: Laundromat, Coin Laundry Room

A laundromat has customers that are there on a regular basis for one to three hours each time. An IRS income tax preparation kiosk allows them to prepare and file taxes while waiting for laundry to finish.

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Business Opportunity #9: Car, Life and Health Insurance

IRS tax codes have changed related to insurance. People are asking insurance agents a number of questions related to tax refunds and insurance tax credits. Use your knowledge of the insurance industry to help your customers through the tax preparation and income tax filing process.

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Business Opportunity #8: Hair & Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Nail Spas

Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and beauty supply stores offer a number of products and services that both men and women want. Many of these are purchased with cash when available. People are willing to spend more money when they have more money. This makes salons and spas great locations to prepare and file income tax returns.

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Business Opportunity #7: Child Day Care Centers

Day care centers offer critical services to families and local communities. Daycare centers have families that pass through their doors on a regular basis. Because of this, a certain level of trust is established. There is a great opportunity to convert this trust into a secondary source of income.

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Business Opportunity #6: Auto Repair

Auto body and auto repair shops provide a number of required services for those who own vehicles. Giving your customers IRS income tax refunds puts money in their hands so they can spend it on things like auto repair.

More Info: Tax Refund - Auto Repair

Business Opportunity #5: Car Dealership

How can a new or used car dealership increase sales, profits and revenue? Give your client an income tax refund check from the IRS to use as payment. 1040TaxBiz does not offer a tax office franchise in the traditional sense. We offer the ability to deposit money into your customer's bank account so he / she can spend it at your car dealership for a new or used vehicle.

More Info: Tax Refund - Car Dealership

Business Opportunity #4: Grocery Store

Does a grocery store benefit from cashing IRS tax refund checks? Absolutely. We all need to eat food. Some people will stock up on certain non-perishable foods and grocery items when they get extra cash.

More Info: Tax Refund - Grocery Store

Business Opportunity #3: Retail Store

People are willing to spend more money when they have more money. This makes retail stores great locations to prepare and file income tax returns.

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Business Opportunity #2: Check Cashing Store

Check cashing stores for a fee provide needed services primarily to those without a bank account. A check cashing store has already registered an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and has obtained various licenses, insurances and permits, including a sales tax license. It also has employees to run the business and marketing to bring in customers. How can a check cashing store increase sales, profits and revenue? Give your client an income tax refund check that you can cash.

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Business Opportunity #1: Tax Preparers, Tax Preparation Office

1040TaxBiz helps you start your own tax preparation business. We offer a number of services related to becoming a tax preparer.

  • 1040TaxBiz business, sales and marketing training courses
  • IRS enrollment and registration assistance (EFIN, PTIN)
  • Tax preparation software - installation, training, support
  • 1040TaxBiz tax training classes and courses
  • Bilingual support (English, Spanish)
  • Encrypted secured data backup
  • Virtual tax preparation services
  • Personalized market analysis
  • Customizable sales materials
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Client management
  • Quality assurance
  • Vendor placement
  • In store tax kiosk
  • Bank products
  • and more

More Info: Tax Refund - Tax Preparers

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