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Tax Preparation Software for Professional Preparers

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Today’s professional tax preparer needs more than computer hardware and tax software to run a modern tax preparation business. The competition and changing markets make every tax season a new and unique challenge. 1040TaxBiz provides a sense of security in meeting those challenges. 1040TaxBiz offers an entire suite of technologies to open and operate your tax business, but more important, it also offers back office support like no one in the industry. Some of the technologies used and supported by 1040TaxBiz include:
  • Income Tax Preparation Software – On-line and unlimited. Manage and control your office from anywhere in the world.
  • Computer Hardware – Any system will work since we are cloud based.
  • Mobile App – Your clients can submit their documents and signs their returns remotely.
  • Client Support– Our support platform is the 1040TaxBiz platform, so we offer safe, secure, direct support.
  • Video Support – We have one on one video conferencing support software.
  • Two Tier Verification Security – Secure and control your office.
  • Secure Off-Site Data Storage

1040TaxBiz Professional Office Program.

We have identified two distinct business models that most of our partners follow: Seasonal and Year-Round. The quality and service offered is the same for both models. What differs is the commitment that the partner is making to his / her business. Seasonal Office Program: This program is designed for the entrepreneur of a start-up tax business. 1040TaxBiz helps you with every aspect of starting a tax preparation business, including EFIN / PTIN Registration and Renewal, Bank Products, Marketing Support, Tax Office Training, and Year Round Customer Support. We help you start your own tax business while helping your clients with tax questions and issues after tax season when you are on vacation. Year-Round Office Program: This program is designed to assist the experienced entrepreneur in building a tax business. 1040TaxBiz has a long term commitment to this partnership. This program offers all features needed to run a year-round tax office. It allows you to service both the individual tax market and the business /commercial tax market. It is designed around a fixed brick and mortar location and includes assistance finding a location. This program provides packages and services that can help you accelerate growth and increase income. Click for More Info: 1040TaxBiz Software

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