Today's professional tax preparer needs computer hardware, tax software, and even mobile phone applications to run a modern tax preparation business. 1040TaxBiz offers much more than just income tax preparation software. The company offers an entire suite of technologies to operate the tax business. It also offers back office support to make sure everything is working as it is supposed to. Some of the technologies used and supported by 1040TaxBiz include:

  • Tax Preparation Software
  • Computer Hardware, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Web Cameras, Cables
  • Operating System Software, Drivers
  • Interactive Video
  • Data Encryption
  • Secure Off-Site Data Storage

CrossLink Professional Tax Preparation Software Reviews and Features

There are numerous professional income tax preparation software applications designed for individual or business use. Some are better suited for individual tax returns (such as CrossLink), whereas others are better suited for corporate and enterprise-level tax returns (such as SFP Works). Also, some tax preparation software is available for those who have an affiliated tax franchise (such as H&R Block). 1040TaxBiz has reviewed many of these tax software packages and determined that CrossLink is best suited for the 1040TaxBiz affiliate program. CrossLink tax preparation software is the industry's leader in desktop tax software solutions for high-volume tax businesses to best ensure fast and accurate tax returns. Some CrossLink tax software features include:

  • Work-in-progress screen for instant status of tax returns, e-filing and bank product check prints
  • Easy error correction for quick fixes
  • Easy-to-use forms-based input
  • Multiple drains (submission locations) to the IRS each day for faster response time
  • Real-time processing with industry-leading Banks
  • Minimal downtime
  • Software updates
  • Customizable reports
  • Comprehensive diagnostics that check for tax return omissions and inconsistencies
  • Windows operating system required: Windows Vista or newer
  • Business use of home for Schedules A, C, E, F, K-1, and Forms 2106/4835
  • Consolidated sales of assets
  • Child care tax credit
  • Earned income tax credit (EITC)
  • Standard mileage vs actual expenses
  • IRA, Keogh, SEP and SIMPLE deductions
  • Self-employment tax
  • Taxable Social Security benefits
  • Estimate vouchers and worksheet
  • Exception for real estate professionals
  • Vacation home limitations and carryovers
  • At-risk limitations and carryovers (regular and AMT)
  • Related party transactions for installment sales and like-kind exchanges
  • Passive loss limitations and carryovers
  • All US States
  • City tax returns
  • Methods for depreciating assets
  • Manages asset calculations on dispositions and asset retirement automatically
  • Maintains separate Federal and State numbers
  • Calculates AMT depreciation automatically
  • Associates asset with the appropriate activity
  • Captures asset disposal information and automatically transfers it to appropriate lines on Form 1040, 4562, 4797, 6252, and 8824
  • Displays depreciation calculation

Computer Hardware Staging and Support

Before 1040TaxBiz sends the computer hardware and other equipment out to you, it is tested and setup properly. All you have to do is pull the items out of the boxes and connect. If any technical related issues do occur, 1040TaxBiz provides support year round to ensure that you are able to run your business.
See Tax Office Support

Interactive Video - Virtual Tax Kiosk

The virtual tax kiosk system developed by 1040TaxBiz provides a way for professional tax preparers to interact with your clients. Your customer sits down in front of a video monitor, printer and scanner as our experienced tax professionals prepare and file their taxes.

Data Encryption and Secure Off-Site Data Storage

Our system limits your liability and your access to personal information. Identity theft is a major problem in the US. This system is designed to limit the exposure of personal information and the risk of identity fraud. Any data submitted is encrypted before it is sent. Also, personal data is not stored on local devices. It is all stored off-site at a secure data storage facility.

Business Software and Applications Recommendations

Some software is better than others. Some are free, and some are not. Also, some websites are safe to download from, whereas others are not. We have compiled a list of software applications and resources that can help you run your tax business. We have also linked to websites that we consider to be reasonably safe to download from. Note: We do not provide support for these software applications and are not responsible for any issues related to their download, installation or use.

Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations

Online Calendars

Visual Design and Image Manipulation

Antivirus, Anti-Malware

Domains, Website Hosting

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