Help Businesses Discover a Marketing Treasure by Offering Free WIFI!

SWIM: Social WiFi Interactive Marketing

Dive into an ocean of untapped marketing and income potential!

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Free WiFi is so commonplace that customers have come to expect it from businesses. Shoppers spend more time and money in establishments that offer free WiFi services. However, most small- and medium-sized businesses don’t know the pearls of information they can collect from their customers.

Social WiFi Interactive Marketing (SWIM) helps businesses collect that information and engage their customers. Big businesses such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Walmart know the power of marketing through WiFi and have stayed on top of the game.

Now you can build your own business using the secrets of the SWIM program!

Generating Income From Social WiFi Is Easier Than Building a Sand Castle

The initial setup has several pieces to grow a client’s marketing data. Installation of the router box is easy – you just plug it into the existing router of the business. Then you’ll work with the business to create the custom landing page customers see when accessing the hotspot. The landing page prompts them to login using their email or social media. The customers’ information is collected into a database. Setup fees range from $299 – 1299 depending on the complexity and include the cost of the router.

The business owner has two options for maintaining their site. They can create and edit the landing pages and email campaigns with customer updates, new product and service information, and coupons or you can earn additional revenue for maintaining the site for them.

Next is the residual income for service usually from $89-289. The fee is billed automatically to the customer and funds will be deposited into your account.

You can also negotiate with business owners to put ads for other businesses to make additional money. Perhaps partner related business services.

  6 Ways Businesses Benefit From Offering Social WiFi

Data Protection

A business’s data is at risk of being pirated when offering free WiFi through their existing internet configuration. We pre-configure the SWIMware: a router box that easily connects to the client’s existing box. Limiting customer traffic to this separate connection provides better protection for the business’s data. The SWIM dashboard also allows you to limit the number of concurrent users so as not to slow down your system.

Increased Loyalty

Collecting customers’ contact information beyond just splash pages or tedious sign-ups helps steer customers back to businesses through regular communication. When customers view the landing page for connecting to the WIFI hotspot, they are asked for a social account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram) or an email address. Upon logging in, they are redirected to a custom landing page for a fully branded experience.

  • Customize the page with brand colors, logo, etc.
  • Integrate login with business social accounts to encourage interaction
  • Customize campaigns and settings in real-time

Understand your customers

Getting to know who your customers are and how to best approach them is vital to any line of business. The SWIM platform dashboard provides a wealth of data about visitors to a business. These metrics guide business’s understanding of the purchasing habits of their customers. Knowing who is the primary target of your company is always a good idea. With Social WiFi, businesses are now able to learn exactly who their customers are. Also check-ins on Facebook or Twitter provide visibility to your customers’ friends and family. When they check-in, like, and recommend a business, it can drive their friends and family in the door. Reviews and mentions on other sites helps client businesses rise to the top of Google searches.

  • Track one-off and repeat visits of customers and the frequency of their repeat visits
  • Compare the average dwell time of customers and which time of the day during the week they visit

Guest analytics contain the following data to the extent shared by them:

  • First & Last Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Profile Picture
  • Gender
  • Social Profile Link
  • Login History
  • Unique Users
  • Repeat Users
  • New Users
  • Gender Ratio
  • Login Method Ratio

Intelligent promotion of products and services

Traditional forms of marketing are like sending a message in a bottle hoping someone receives it. As a business builds its database and increases its understanding of customers’ purchasing habits, it can personalize special offers. Robust digital marketing campaigns through the ipush platform based on the data can target customers at the right time with the right messages. Coupons and promotions personalize the customer experience increasing the likelihood they’ll return to leave positive reviews.

  • Retarget your visitors with online banner ads
  • Automatically trigger emails and SMS text messages to encourage repeat visits
  • Send birthday coupons
  • Schedule campaigns in real-time or on timed delays
  • Schedule campaigns in real-time or on timed delays
  • Segment your visitors based on social data (age, gender, and more)

Manage online reputation

A marketing survey showed that 73% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust the business more. With an average of 77% of readers forming a decision based on 6 or fewer reviews, a positive reputation drives customers into businesses. When customers log into the SWIM hotspot, they can be directed to a landing page asking for a “Good” or “Bad” rating. Bad feedback can be sent directly to management to address the issue quickly while good ratings can be directed to another site such as Yelp! or TripAdvisor to leave comments. The landing page can reinforce reputation with customer testimonials. Customers will be cheering your good name as your reputation grows.

Increased revenue

Marketing is all about adding more coin to your treasure chest. Having a map to understand your customers, keeping them engaged regularly, and managing your online reputation will all increase a business’ bottom line. A study showed that a one-star increase in a Yelp rating can lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue.

Contact us today to start your own business helping businesses tap into the revenue-generating potential of social WiFi!