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How to Start a Business from Home with No Money

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You have a great idea. You see a need that you can fulfill. You see a problem you can solve, but you have little to no money and no one to help. So, how do you start a business from home without any money. We provide you with a checklist and some information on how to start your own business from home.

1) Creative Small Business Idea

The first, and often most important, thing to do is to have a business idea that solves a problem: Amazon provides an online e-commerce platform. Apple develops consumer electronics. Marvel produces comic books and movies. Netflix streams TV shows and movies. Salesforce develops business relationship software. Sephora develops beauty products. Is there a problem you, a family member, or a friend has that you can solve, and charge a fee to do it? Many business consultants and advisors will put the cart before the horse. They will tell you to develop your skills before you start your business. What is more important: a great business idea or the passion and persistence to see that idea come to life? You probably know people with a lot of ideas, but nothing to show for it. You have also met people who are singularly focused on one thing, do it well, and have a good life because of it. If you have the passion and desire to do what is necessary to start a business, you are ready. So what problem are you solving with your business? Here are some ideas to help you get started. – Ad management – Baby sitting – Car washing or detailing – Carpet or house cleaning – Catering – Commission only sales – Construction contractor – Event planner – Graphic design or web development – House or pet sitting – Interior designer – Lawn mowing or landscaping – Music instructor – Personal fitness trainer – Photographer – Product reselling, affiliate sales, or private labeling – Real estate agent – Social media management – Tax preparation – Travel consultant – Tutor    

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2) How to Do Market Research for a Business Idea

Market research is an invaluable tool to determine your business idea’s potential. You can gather information from industry associations, online searches, federal and state agencies, and established entrepreneurs. For your initial market research, you are finding out if the business idea is viable and has enough up-side potential to continue. Some questions you want to answer, include: What is the cost to get started? What is the demand for your product or service? What is your competition? Is the technology and infrastructure needed to operate your business available? As you analyze this market research, you need to have a clear picture as to the viability of your business idea. What specific products or services do you want to offer? Who is your ideal customer, and how many are there? How many other businesses are already providing those products or services? Are there more than enough customers for you and your competition? Do you have the resources necessary to get your business started?

3) Write a Business Plan

Now that you have completed the initial market research, the next step is to write a business plan. The more resources you will need, the more important it is to write a business plan. Here is an example of a Business Plan for Tax Preparation. The business plan is an inexpensive way to plan development and operations. It helps you identify owners, management team, business goals, products offered, market analysis, and financial forecasting.

4) How to Finance Your Business

See How to Finance a Tax Business for more information

5) Build and Open Your Business

Leverage your business plan to gather finances, design your products and services, and build your team. By the end of this step your business should be open and ready for customers.

6) Market Your Business

Now that you are open, how to you get customers. This is where marketing and advertising is used. There are numerous ways to get and keep customers. See Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business for more information.

7) Gather Feedback

You need to find out what customers and clients think about you, your company, and your products / services. Honest feedback is critical to make changes that improve customer retention through customer satisfaction. 1040TaxBiz helps you start your own tax preparation business from home with very little money. We have the industry experience and resources to help you. Contact us now to find out more.

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