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Revenue and Sales Growth Strategies

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According to Forbes.com, there are 4 key areas to focus on to increase revenue and sales growth for any business: Strategy, Structure, People and Systems.

Business and Strategy

Who is your potential customer? Who are your potential competitors? What business opportunities can you leverage? A good strategy can move you forward and a bad strategy can keep you from success. 1040TaxBiz can help you determine if being in the tax business is the right strategy for you.

Business and Structure

Structure is the framework in which the business operates. Where strategy is the idea, structure is the mechanics and foundation for how the business operates. Structure makes sure you have the right pieces in place. Without a solid structure your strategy is useless. Business structure includes sales, marketing, compliance, technology and location management. 1040TaxBiz helps you develop a solid structure for your tax business.

Business and People

People are the most important aspect of revenue and sales growth for any business. There are three groups of people related to any business: internal, contractor and customer. The internal group consists of employees, managers, sales personnel, customer service representatives, etc. These are the ones who are directly involved in operating the business. Contractors consist of those who help grow and maintain business operations without being directly involved. These include: building maintenance, software engineers, compliance auditors and telecommunications. Customers are those who purchase the goods or services you provide. 1040TaxBiz offers creative solutions to identifying and working with all three groups of people.

Business and Systems

Business systems are processes put in place to improve efficiency. Many of these systems automate processes, whereas others may not. Some examples of business systems include employee handbooks, schedules and customer management. 1040TaxBiz can help you implement effective systems and strategies to improve efficiency and increase sales and revenue growth.

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