1040TaxBiz offers shoebox tax and accounting software to its affiliates as an added value service. It is also available as a stand-alone product to non-affiliates. Its purpose is three-fold: organize your customer's receipts, make it easy to submit tax documents during tax season, and generate more income year-round from your existing customer base.

Shoebox Accounting Pricing

Stand-Alone / A-La-Carte: $499
Premium / Premium Pro Packages: Included

What is Shoebox Accounting Software

Shoebox accounting is the practice for business owners or individuals of placing all of their receipts into a shoebox or folder, and passing all of these to their accountant to organize at the end of the tax year. If receipts, invoices, and other documentation are disorganized, it can take an accountant much longer to calculate profit and loss statements, balance sheets, taxes due, etc.

However, if the business owner or individual has done some basic organization of these receipts, the accountant can perform their tasks much more quickly and efficiently. This is the ultimate goal of Shoebox Tax and Accounting Software. The client organizes the receipts. They are then easily shared with the accountant who will ultimately be processing the tax forms.

Shoebox Accounting Software Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface to accurately record income and expenses - saving you valuable time.
  • Automated income and expense categorization.
  • Scalable, expandable, and affordable.
  • Proactive environment which provides you a real-time view into a business’ financial activities.
  • Many modules available: Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Inventory Control, Cost Estimating, Order Management, POS, Time Tracking, Multi-Currency, and more.
  • Access and update records over the Internet anytime / anywhere.
  • Reports can be generated in hard copy or uploaded electronically making it easy to share financial records.

How to Get Started with Shoebox Tax and Accounting Software

This product is available for $499 as a stand-alone. The demo site is listed below. For more information, contact 1040TaxBiz at (317) 543-5570.

Shoebox Tax and Accounting Software Demo

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