1040TaxBiz offers the best quality credit repair processing and services for your startup or existing tax business. This may help your customers improve their credit score. It also provides you with another revenue stream leveraging your same customer base.

Credit Repair Services Pricing

Stand-Alone / A-La-Carte: $1499
Premium Pro Package: Included

What is Credit Repair

Credit repair is related to improving credit scores from reporting agencies. There are 3 credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Credit scores range from 301 to 850. The higher your credit score, the easier it is to obtain credit and better rates. Credit repair is a process related to verifying the accuracy of items listed on your credit report from any or all of these credit reporting agencies. Credit reports must be 100% accurate, fair, and substantiated. If negative items are removed, and positive items are added, your credit score would typically improve.

Credit Repair Business Opportunity

The opportunity to start your own credit repair business is substantial. Credit repair companies charge an initial fee and a residual monthly fee for credit repair services. 1040TaxBiz offers this as a stand alone product for non-affiliates or add-on service for all our affiliates.

How to Start a Credit Repair Business

If you are starting your own credit repair business from the ground up, there are numerous things you have to do, including: licenses, permits, training, marketing, procurement, and much more. As an affiliate of 1040TaxBiz, you qualify for our Credit Repair package, which provides you with the tools necessary to manage and operate a credit repair business. We have done all the research and development for you. Just get our Credit Repair system, use the training available to learn how to use this easy-to-use software, and leverage your existing client base to generate year-round revenue with this add-on service.

Credit Repair Software Features

1040TaxBiz Credit Repair software is the only application in the market that covers all the aspects of the credit repair business in one single solution: Lead Generation, CRM, Dispute Process, Dispute Letters, and Billing. Easily import your client's credit report in seconds. The system will import contact information, address, credit scores, credit inquiries and itemize all the derogatory items, one-by-one, saving you hundreds of hours of data entry every month while minimizing human error.

  • Windows based license: you own your data.
  • Create unlimited Credit Repair Programs/Plans for your clients.
  • Unlimited Branch Offices/Affiliates.
  • Ability to import your clients' credit reports with one click including derogatory items, credit inquiries, and credit scores.
  • You have the option to save your Clients’ Credit Reports and make them available online on your web portal, thru YOUR OWN website!
  • Your clients can track the progress of their cases via the Online Clients Portal on your own website.
  • Dispute Wizard.
  • “Automatic” generation of letters with unique content per letter.
  • Pre-Leads / Leads / Disputes & Archive modules.
  • Manage your cases and keep them organized. This is NOT a letter generator. This is a complete end-to-end CRM application developed for the Credit Repair Industry.
  • More than 6,200 Data Furnishers pre-Loaded.
  • Customizable pipeline Statuses and Tasks pre-loaded with industry standards.
  • Automatic suggestion of next Dispute Letter.
  • Proprietary technology that indicates the next step.
  • Auto attached (and printed) ID Docs to Letters.
  • Scan or import ID Docs directly into the application.
  • Deploy unlimited web forms (web pages) to collect live leads from the Internet.
  • Import your existing cases or leads.
  • Available with E-Signature service (optional).
  • English & Spanish software interface.
  • Provided with "How to do Credit Repair" business training for you and your employees at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  • Provided with live online "private" training.

Credit Repair Software Screenshots

The 1040TaxBiz Credit Repair Software system has many features to help you start and manage a Credit Repair business. It is designed to provide you with many tools necessary to manage and operate a credit repair company. This service is available as an add-on service for our affiliates. Credit Repair Software Screenshot Catalogs

Credit Repair Software Screenshot GUI

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Data

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Import

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Letters

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Permissions

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Scheduling

Credit Repair Software Screenshot Leads

How to Get Started with Credit Repair Business

This product is available for $1499 as a stand-alone. We provide the credit repair processing and services for you. We also provide training on how to use this system. For $500 more, however, you can leverage our entire financial system related to tax preparation, shoebox accounting, and credit repair services. For more information, contact 1040TaxBiz at (317) 543-5570.

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