Do you want to open a tax office? The tax prep business can be quite profitable - if you do it the right way. Filing one tax return each day for 120 days with an average price of $300 per tax return is $36,000.

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1040TaxBiz can help show you the correct way to open, operate, and expand a tax preparation business legally. We follow IRS protocols and guidelines. Our valuable tools and information can help you earn a significant amount of money as you avoid unneccesary risks.

Our programs and services help people like you start your own tax preparation office. 1040TaxBiz helps with every part of running a tax business, including: finding a tax office location, year round client management, tax preparation software support, IRS PTIN / EFIN registration and renewal,


Find a Tax Office Location

You can find your own location for a tax office, or we can help you find one. There may be office space near you that is willing to negotiate a short term lease. Be setup to start on January 1. Be out by April 30. We can help you with certain items, such as obtaining a phone number or address, IRS PTIN or EFIN registration, and business bank accounts.

Local Tax Office Phone Number, Address

Having a local phone number and business address during the tax season is important, but what do you do after April 15. You are on vacation, but your customers still need help. We provide year-round client management services. Ask us how we can take care of your clients' issues during the off-season.

Tax Office Helpline

1040TaxBiz provides customer and technical support throughout the year. See Tax Office Support for more information.

IRS PTIN / EFIN Registration and Renewal

1040TaxBiz can help you through the application, registration and renewal process for both the IRS PTIN and EFIN numbers. Contact us if you need help through this process. See IRS PTIN, EFIN Application, Registration and Renewal for more information.

Marketing a Tax Office

1040TaxBiz helps you market and drive business to your tax preparation office with tested and effective marketing materials and training. Read more at 7 Income Tax Preparation Marketing Ideas.

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