The second most requested service from our clients after training is marketing assistance. Once you know how to prepare taxes, how do you get customers through the door? 1040TaxBiz is always evolving to offer new ideas and promotional items to attract customers.

1040University offers a variety of classes to help build your business. Learn how to employee guerrilla marketing tactics, utilize social media, and network with other businesses.

Attend various live webinars of these classes and other classes in development. Hearing questions and feedback from other clients helps get you thinking about ways to promote your business.

For a nominal fee, you can purchase an eye-catching banner and poster package from 1040TaxBiz. Also, learn how to design and get feedback on effective flyers as well as different methods to distribute them through the post office, hired help, and other businesses.

People love giveaway items whether you are using them to attract or thank customers. Get some ideas for inexpensive items that can help pay for themselves by marketing your business for you.

The Vision/Dental Discount Program, Telamedicine Discount Program, and Audit Protection are all services that can help your business stand out. Not only can they help you market your unique business to customers but you also earn revenue for each item customers purchase.