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The second most requested service from our clients after training is marketing assistance. Once you know how to prepare taxes, how do you get customers through the door? 1040TaxBiz is always evolving to offer new ideas and promotional items to attract customers.

What is iPushSMS? Smarter SMS Marketing software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns easily.

NO COST AT ALL. Yes. FREE. We contracted with the iPushSMS to provide this feature as part of our Business and Corporate core packages.

Faster than Email
90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.

More Personal than Social
SMS reaches your audience directly in the palms of their hands.

Further Reach than TV
Deliver your SMS instantly to 200+ countries. Superb reach.


Our comprehensive feature set is enjoyed by marketing pros, however our intuitive web-based interface is easy enough for anyone to use.

Bulk SMS
At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to 1 group or multiple groups at once! Send messages to your customers to announce deals or discounts you want to promote which can bring in massive business.

Bulk SMS Scheduling
Scheduling out messages in intervals is a great way to ensure your customers won’t forget about you. Our script allows you to have full control of when SMS messages get sent out so you can schedule out messages months in advance.

MMS / Picture Messaging
We have added MMS capability! MMS brings the best of email and urgency of SMS to your customer communications. Paint the whole picture with rich media on every mobile phone, with near-100% open rates and fast response times.

Create SMS contests as a way to engage and reward your customers. An invaluable tool for keeping your current customers happy and engaged and staying with your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Integration
Ability to share your message to your Facebook page! Spread the word and increase participation among your fans giving you the ability to grow your subscribers by sharing your messages on your Facebook account.

Detailed Campaign Analytics
Track your campaigns to take a deeper look into which keywords are performing the best, detailed SMS logs and new subscribers and unsubscribers over a certain period of time.

Create text-to-vote polls to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer as well as collect valuable information and gain insight into what they want and need from you.

Appointment Reminders
Schedule and send appointment reminders to your customers ensuring they won’t forget about an appointment they made. Search for your contact then easily schedule an SMS to go out to them.

Assign Multiple Long Codes
Add multiple numbers to a user account. Very useful if you have a large number of opt-in contacts to market to, you can spread your workload across multiple numbers for better performance and caution!

Message Templates
Save common or often used SMS messages so that you will not have to re-enter the same message repeatedly. Simply select which template to use and have it populate the message for you.

QR Codes
Generate QR codes as a way to bridge your offline marketing campaign to the online medium. Our software comes equipped with new subscriber and web page URL QR codes.

Voice Broadcasting
Broadcast a voice message out to your contacts! Either type in a message and the system will convert the text into voice, or upload your own message via a MP3 file. Another great way to communicate and keep your contacts engaged in your offerings.

Voicemail / Call Forwarding
Voicemail and call forwarding capability. Have the option to have your calls go directly to voicemail, where you can then listen to them inside the control panel, or have your calls forwarded to any number you wish!

Name and Email Capture
Have the option to collect the name and email from a new subscriber joining your opt-in list! Collect names to personalize your SMS messages and emails if you want to promote to them with your email marketing campaigns.

SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards
Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Unlimited Mobile Keywords
The ability for users to engage in keyword marketing. Mobile keywords are an element of mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to a certain target market. You get access to unlimited keywords! People can sign up for your text marketing by texting in a keyword.

After a person joins your subscriber list, automatically send them a custom message back. You can also setup the autoresponders to automatically send SMS back to the subscribers after they subscribe on a preset schedule much like email autoresponders work.

2-Way Messaging
2-way messaging allows existing subscribers to reply to your campaigns, send you text messages, and engage you in 2-way chat. It’s a great way to stay connected and answer any questions your subscribers may have.

Birthday SMS Wishes
Easily collect your contacts’ birthdays when they subscribe to your list. Then, on their birthday or even a certain amount of days before, our system will automatically send them your birthday text message.

Bulk SMS Delivery Stats
View detailed stats like # of successful messages, # of failed messages, reason the message failed, and allow the user to delete any subscribers from the list that have failed to receive messages.

Website Signup Widgets
Allow potential customers to join a SMS marketing list through a web based form that is placed on a website. This provides yet another cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new consumers.

Mobile Splash Page Builder
Perfect for users that want to create their own pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send those page URLs out to their subscriber list to view. Equipped with a full-featured HTML editor.

Built In Link Shortening & Tracking
You have the option to shorten your links so they don’t take up as many characters in your text messages and also track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message was. A very helpful little tool!

Email Alerts
Get new subscriber email alerts as they happen or in a daily summary. Also get low credit balance email alerts so you’ll always be aware of when to replenish your credits.

Broadcast From Phone
On the run? No problem at all! You’ll have the ability to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message! No need to login to your account to manage this process. Talk about fast and convenient!

Segment Your Contacts
With our group segmenting function, you can easily create groups within your text marketing lists. This organizes your contacts into groups and allows you to keep organized all your subscribers and where they are coming from!

Upload Your Subscriber Lists
Have an opt-in SMS list from somewhere else that you want to migrate over? Provided you have explicit written consent from your subscribers that they agreed to receive messages from you, you can upload your list as well. We’ve made that processes incredibly easy!

SMS to Email / Email to SMS
Get email notices when someone texts in something to your online number(SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to that email from your email client, the system will take that email, and text them back(Email to SMS). A great and very useful tool!

Contact Management
Very simple to use contact management system that contains your contacts/subscribers. Search on and manage all your subscribers here.

Kiosk Builder
The digital loyalty kiosk is a cutting edge tool that lets you create an easy to use kiosk display. It provides your on-site customers with a user friendly display – letting them join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, and check their current status.

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iPushWifi take on the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks & the creation of high tech tool development. Meaning, we do the hard stuff and leave you with more time to find customers and earn recurring revenue.

Digital marketing is the marketing of a business, products or services using digital technologies. It’s simple, easy and affordable.

Add-On Digital Marketing Services!


WiFi Marketing
Help advertise small or large business’s and maximize public WiFi’s using our Hotspot Software. Streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks with our easy Wifi Marketing tools. We provide everything you will need to launch and run a successful digital marketing business specializing in Wifi Marketing.

Our Email/SMS makes automation marketing easy. Our platform allows for easy engagement with customers.

It’s never been easier to create a website using our platform. Our platform features drag & drop designs to easily update photos, videos, text and publish! No experience needed. No coding needed. Our platform uses a drag and drop app builder. Build amazing mobile apps using our pre-built templates.


  • Lifestyle
  • Business-In-A-Box
  • Hot Products
  • Support
  • Upside
  • Revenue

What is iPushWeb? Easy to use website builder. Use drag & drop tools or choose a pre-built template. No coding required!

NO COST AT ALL. Yes. FREE. We contracted with the iPushWeb to provide this feature as part of our Business and Corporate core packages.

Website Example

Beautiful responsive websites with no coding experience required.
Everything you need built in our iPushWeb platform.

  • Think of iPushWeb as your very own web department with free hosting, security, dozen of templates and support.
  • We are here for your business.


Templates make it very easy to create a website.

Create a landing page to a 100 page website easily.

With a builder the costs are much lower than creating a website on your own.


With professional templates, customizable features, and instant responsive design, iPushWeb is extremely fast, easy and reliable tool.

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Designer templates
  • Various industries covered
  • Customizable elements and blocks
  • Analytic tools
  • Free hosting

What is 1040TaxBiz Print? Print Shop Marketing Needs for Your Tax Business.

Grow your Tax and Accounting Business clientele with our One-Stop Shop Solution for all your Tax Marketing Print Products and Services needs.

Variety of custom products: banners, business cards, posters, and more.

Social Media Marketing
Drive new and current clients to 1040TaxBizPrint’s Social Media for tax business owners and create new customers with engaging and sharable social media content.

Every Door Direct Mail®
Our EDDM® (EveryDoorDirectMail®) services provide effective target marketing with custom template designs to fit your tax marketing print needs.

Digital Marketing
Broaden your audience and find your customers in the digital space. Marketing your Tax and Accounting business on the internet goes further than social media!

Print Products

Browse through customizable print products specifically designed for the Tax and Accounting industry.


Business Cards


Door Hangers


Lawn Signs



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1040U marketing classes are provided to inspire you to find avenues for attracting and retaining customers. Participate in live webinars with our Marketing and Sales Manager, Allen, for ideas to jump start your marketing efforts. Marketing webinars can be both fun and informative as group setting feedback helps everyone think outside the box. Below are topics offered between 1040U and live webinars.

Digital Marketing Tools

Beacon Marketing
A beacon is a small device that transmits messages to nearby Android phones. The message includes a link to a mini web page called a landing page that can describe services, offer a coupon or discount, or promote an event. Our partner ipushsales offers the most robust beacon marketing platform for creating landing pages, collecting customer contact information, and engaging them through email campaigns. 1040TaxBiz clients receive exclusive discounts on the services and every client purchasing the Business and Corporate Packages will receive a beacon to promote their business during tax season.

MyTaxOffice App
While our software allows clients offer “white glove concierge service” by meeting customers where it is comfortable and convenient, the MyTaxOffice app allows our clients to produce returns remotely. Customers download the app to their mobile devices to enter their personal details and upload documents. Clients and customers can message each other through the app if there are questions or additional documentation is needed. Upon completion, the return is sent back to the customer for review and signature eliminating the need to meet in person.

Social Networking

Building a Brand
Building a strong brand means standing out in a customer’s mind when they require the services offered by a business. A good reputation with a recognizable logo are part of branding a business that customers want to support. Work with Allen for ideas in building your brand to turn happy customers into loyal fans.

New Customer and Business Relationship Marketing
Establishing yourself as trusted business person in your community increases the visibility of your brand. Learn how to maintain your clients’ trust to benefit from free and powerful word-of-mouth advertising. Also learn how to target different types of customers at different times of the year so your marketing matches their needs at the time.

Social Media
People interact with each other through different apps and web sites. Learn the differences between them to decide what would be most effective in engaging your target market.

Incentive Marketing

Android TV Box with Kodi
Many people are familiar with streaming television shows, movies, and music on an Amazon Fire Stick. An Android TV Box offers similar programming. Not only can you stream entertainment, you can plug a keyboard and mouse into the device to play apps and games from the Google Play Store. Whereas the unit can cost anywhere from $100-200 in other locations, customers who meet minimal thresholds can add receive one at the time their refund is funded by the bank for just $29.99.

Collaborating Marketing Efforts with Other Businesses
Advertising your services with another business allows you increase your market coverage area. When you each provide coupons that motivate customers to visit both of your businesses, you can increase customer traffic. By incentivizing the team members at the other location, you encourage their participation. Build strategies for creating messages that lend themselves to promoting both businesses and energizing team members to provide enthusiastic referrals.

$5000 Cash Advance / Loan
When customers defer their preparation fees to be taken from their returns, you can receive the full fees which you have posted for your services. The secondary benefit of using a bank product is participating in the up to $5000 Advance/Loan. Outside of word-of-mouth referrals, this is the strongest tool in most client’s marketing arsenal.

Incentivizing Customers to Offer Referrals
Just as co-marketing with other businesses provides access to new customers, rewarding customers for referrals will also help build your business. Besides the Android TV Box, discuss strategies for encouraging customers to provide leads through giveaway items, name draws and other rewards.

Other Topics And Services

Market Competition Analysis
If you are looking for either your first or an additional location, you can provide the zip codes of your area. We can supply a report of what businesses filed returns for their customers and how many they did. That way you can decide if you’d like to far away from the competition or right next to it to draw away their customers with better service, pricing, and incentives.

Service Recovery Marketing
The ideas in this class can take turns a team struggling with customer service issues into customer service champions. Learn how to create an atmosphere where you set expectations prior to a customer leaving your office to avoid a poor experience. Also teach your team how to handle a tense situation with a customer so you can retain them for the future and maintain the quality of your brand.

Audit Protection
Get peace of mind for both you and your customers in the case they get audited. Instead of requiring your input, you can direct customers to the company to help them pull together their information and then make all necessary phone calls or mailings on their behalf. It saves you a headache and the customer time, money and effort not to have to deal directly with the IRS. You can even increase the fee to build in a commission!

Other Business Opportunities
When customers come to your business with other needs, you can cross market your tax preparation services. Get ideas for other services that pair well with tax preparation including accounting/bookkeeping, credit repair, notary, and insurance.

Expanding Your Team
Our goal is to help clients increase the number of returns the office produces. Adding members to your tax preparation team increases the number of preparers that can market to their friends and families. We will train and support them so you can focus on your marketing efforts and teaching them to function within your business.

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Core Materials 

Free material provided. Includes 4 to 5 custom posters and an indoor/outdoor banner. Examples below.

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Upcoming Season Marketing Material

1040TaxBiz helps our clients present a professional appearance. Below are the posters found in this year’s optional marketing packet letting customers know about tax preparation services, the $5000 cash advance and audit protection.

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