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Increase Profits, Revenue & Sales for Car Dealership, Tax Refund

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How can a new or used car dealership increase sales, profits and revenue? Move more cars off your lot when you give your client an income tax refund check from the IRS to use as payment for a new vehicle.

IRS Income Tax Refund Check – Direct Deposit

Giving your customer an IRS income tax refund check sounds like a great idea. You don’t have to hire tax preparers. 1040TaxBiz has developed a system that can put a tax refund check into the hands of your client or direct deposit money into a bank using your existing resources. We offer software, training, and year-round support so you can quickly complete your returns and lock in your customers’ purchases.

Car Dealership Tax Franchise?

1040TaxBiz does not offer a tax office franchise in the traditional sense. We offer the ability to deposit money into your customer’s bank account so he / she can spend it at your car dealership for a new or used vehicle.

Tax Software for Car Dealerships

1040TaxBiz has state-of-the-art tax software and hardware that a car dealership can easily use to file federal taxes and generate tax refunds. We offer installation, training and support. It is easy to setup and use. Call 1040TaxBiz for more information.

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