Women, female entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and mompreneurs have many more options today than ever to operate a small business from home. 1040TaxBiz offers an ideal small business opportunity for women who:

  • Live in a convenient location near a lot of people they know.
  • Live in a house or apartment with strong and reliable Internet service.
  • Have office space to operate a business from home.
  • Have reliable electricity and electrical units.

What is Virtual Tax Preparation

Virtual tax preparation is where a qualified and experienced tax preparer prepares and files tax returns over the Internet. 1040TaxBiz can ship a monitor, scanner, printer, and electronic signature pad to your home office. They are already setup and ready to go. You just have to pull them out of a box and plug things in. You do not need to understand how to do tax preparation or use tax software. It works like Skype where your client and our tax professionals talk to each other through a video chat application. View our virtual tax preparation video to see how the whole thing works.

How To Make Extra Money From Home During Tax Season

1040TaxBiz can help you make extra money from home during the tax preparation season. Invite your friends, family, business associates, and neighbors to your home. Make sure they have all their tax documentation with them. Sit them down in front of the monitor to talk to a live tax preparer. We prepare the taxes, file the tax returns with the IRS, can setup a payment with your client, and provide continuing tax support during non-tax season. The profits are shared between you and 1040TaxBiz.

Tax Preparation Documents Checklist

  • Social Security numbers: you, spouse
  • Dates of birth: you, spouse, dependents
  • Bank account and routing numbers: for direct deposit
  • W-2 forms
  • 1099 forms
  • Profit and loss statements
  • IRA and pension contributions
  • Health financial statements
  • Medical financial statements
  • Charitable donations
  • All other income received
  • Taxes already paid

Tax Preparation Income Potential

The two busiest times for tax preparation are at the beginning and at the end of tax season. Early tax filers generally expect a tax refund. Late tax filers generally expect to owe. Let's assume you run your business from mid-January to late February (6 weeks), then you run the business again from late March to mid-April (3 weeks). Your active tax preparation time is 9 weeks. If you had 2 clients a day for those 63 days, you would have earned income from 126 tax returns. Your income from these returns would vary based on the profit share and what was originally charged. Let's assume that you made $50 per return. That equals $6300 of extra income made for working part-time for two months out of the year.

The 1040TaxBiz Advantage

Why should you team up with 1040TaxBiz? There are a number of advantages in working closely with 1040TaxBiz versus going it alone. First, 1040TaxBiz has over 20 years of experience in the tax industry. As an affiliate, you would have access to resources you might not have as an individual tax preparer. Second, there is no experience necessary. You do not need to know how to prepare taxes or submit a tax return. Your main job is to find customers. Third, you can offer an Instant Cash Advance up to $750. 1040TaxBiz has a system in place to offer your clients an initial cash advance on an IRS tax return of $750 with additional potential funding up to $3000. Fourth, 1040TaxBiz reduces your liability. We are filing the taxes, therefore we are responsible for verifying information and protecting personal data. Fifth, 1040TaxBiz is open throughout the year. We provide support to your clients when you are not working. If there is an issue with a tax return, your customer simply needs to contact 1040TaxBiz. Also, your client is your client. 1040TaxBiz will not steal your client away from you in future tax seasons.


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