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The tax preparation industry offers numerous opportunities to earn both seasonal and year-round income. For those who have been successful with opening and operating a small handful of tax office locations and want to expand, 1040TaxBiz can help you. We can help you grow and expand your tax business.

Types of Tax Offices

Developers usually have one year-round main tax office with smaller seasonal offices in the area. When customers need assistance in the off season, they can contact the main office. The smaller offices can be stand-alone or inside another business.

Location Assistance

Our marketing program provide ideas on locations that work well for seasonal offices. Learn how to work with business owners to not only get space to offer tax preparation services, but also help you market your business. We can even provide you with how many returns other local businesses filed last year for customers so you can draw customers away from them or put your office far from the competition.


1040TaxBiz has helped people for over 20 years start and grow their tax businesses. You can schedule time with our experienced staff to discuss a plan for expansion.They can provide guidance on location choice, necessary equipment, and employee recruiting.


In addition to online training, we can provide an on-site training for your whole team when you purchase an Area Developer package.

Marketing Tools

Download materials that you can personalize and print to distribute to potential customers. If you’re thinking of advertising on radio or television, we can provide assistance with ads and possible negotiate a lower price with our media industry discount.

Add-on Services

In addition to tax preparation and any other related services you can incorporate for income year round, we offer credit repair as part of the Area Developer package. Your training comes from the company that developed the software. You’ll learn how to market the service, collect and enter customer data, generate correspondence and update the system according to the credit furnishers’ responses.

Area Developer Packages

Elite Package

Ultimate Package

Area Development Agreements 

Area development arrangements are usually structured as follows:

1.The area developer has the right to recruit, train and support new offices in a particular area. 
2.The area developer does not enter into the agreement with the tax office. Instead the agreement is entered into directly between 1040TaxBiz and the new Office, with the area developer merely facilitating the identification and recruitment of potential business opportunity.
3.In return for providing the development services the area developer is a paid a fee by 1040TaxBiz. This fee is usually a percentage of the upfront and ongoing fees paid by the New Office to 1040TaxBiz.
4.The rights are usually for a fixed period of time, most commonly 2 years. There can also often be a provision in the agreement which allows the 1040TaxBiz to terminate without cause upon payment of a termination fee, which can be a multiple of earnings or a percentage of the initial payment made by the area developer. Generally the value of this termination fee is equal to or greater than the initial fee.
The above structure would not constitute a franchise arrangement under the Franchising Code of Conduct and as such is not governed by it. A disclosure document need not be provided. 


  • 1040TaxBiz offers continuing marketing support. You will receive marketing kits, "leads" in your area, and very "Good Compensation". Call and talk with our staff, to learn how you can Make a six figure income by growing your market!
  • We will work with you to establish clear marketing territories, both local and regional. There are different market "niches" that you will be able to take advantage of once you join "OUR MARKETING TEAM" Call today and talk with one of our staff...
  • We offer direct support to all Area Developers. You will learn the product and requirements. We will be become one of our Team. When interfacing with prospected clients we will actively support your efforts, and never try to undermine your relationship with a potential client.




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