Some thoughts on Client Service


Businesses function when they have customers or clients, and businesses survive and expand when they have good client service. Good client, or customer, service is a hallmark of 1040taxbiz, to the extent that 1040taxbiz has maintain an BBB "A" or better for over 12 years. Defining good client service is largely a matter of placing the customer first and making business decisions that allow the company to respond to market changes and provide customers with the best service possible.

1. Provide fast, Quick Service

1040TaxBiz always bear in mind that our clients do not want to be kept waiting. our adverage wait time during tax season is less than 30 seconds.  We alway process and review returns within 1 hour,  Our extended tech support is dedicated to servicing our clients needs quick and same day.

2 Listen to your Client

1040taxbiz listen to their customers and hear what the customer wants and thus be able to respond effectively. We listen to the client’s needs, and respect any requests or recommendations of the client. Doing so will show the client that his needs are your first priority.

3. Include a guarantee with the product or service that you sell.

1040TaxBiz stand by our product or service, and that you are willing to guarantee its quality. Be willing to provide corrections or replacements if the  service is not what the customer wants. We believe, doing so can actually bring you further business, when the word spreads that you work hard to please your customers.

4. Add new technology where appropriate.

The latest and greatest technological advances are not necessary for every business. But some elements of technology can prove to be very useful in providing excellent client service. For instance, specialized software can help you keep track of customer orders better and locate products from your inventory that customers need. Apply technology where it will help you service your customers better.

5. Respond immediately to client questions and comments.

Provide a stated turnaround time for all client communication; for example, promise that your business will respond within 24 hours. Although some wait time might be necessary, be sure to keep the wait time as short as possible to demonstrate to clients that you take their communication seriously.

6. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business.

Send thank-you notes, or keep a client address list to send out cards at the holidays or birthdays. Doing so places a human face on your business and creates a family atmosphere for the company.

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Stop - do not Speak.

Listen to the Client First, What do they Want!



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