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Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

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Being an Entrepreneur and owning a successful business are not easy. It is stressful and it requires hard work. It requires sacrificing now for a better tomorrow. Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to start and manage a successful business. To quote Thomas Edison – one of the most successful people of all time and owner of 1093 US patents -> “It is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the right personality and the right attitude. It is less about what you know and more about how you apply what you know. Here are 10 essential characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur:

Creative Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is inquisitive, creative, and thinks differently. An entrepreneur is constantly having new ideas and better ways to do things. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, said, “I’ve gone into business, not to make money, but because I think I can do it better than it’s been done elsewhere.” Creative entrepreneurs are not satisfied with how things are. They have a clear vision of how things could be.

Passionate Entrepreneur

Passionate Entrepreneurs love what they do. They eat, sleep, and dream innovation. Their singular desire is to bring their ideas to life. Because of this passion, they will do what is necessary to fulfill their dreams.

Persistent Entrepreneur

A Persistent Entrepreneur will not walk away until the job is done. A persistent entrepreneur is tenacious, determined, resolute, relentless, and independent. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” They put in long hours and do not let hurdles get in their way. They will knock on doors, and if no one answers, they may break the entire wall down.

Optimistic Entrepreneur

Optimistic Entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their future. They are thoroughly convinced that the solution is just behind the next door, and all they have to do it try enough keys to find the right one that unlocks the door. They do not dwell on negative thoughts. Challenge fuels their desire to persevere and overcome.

Future Oriented Entrepreneur

Future Oriented Entrepreneurs set goals and timelines. They have a clear idea the steps necessary to take them from idea to finished project. These goals and timelines are there to keep themselves accountable in moving the project forward. Whenever you have a project you need to complete, set yourself a date in which it needs to be finished, and stick to it.

Persuasive Entrepreneur

Persuasive Entrepreneurs are effective communicators. They are confident and knowledgeable in the information they need to know. More importantly, they are great listeners and have integrity. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They are able to connect with people on an emotional level, gain their trust, and leverage that trust to accomplish objectives. They are able to communicate their innovative and grand ideas in a way that encourages others to participate.

Adaptable Entrepreneur

Adaptable Entrepreneurs are flexible. They can easily shift focus and priorities to adjust to hurdles and issues. They are open-minded and willing to change course. They have a high tolerance for risk. They are comfortable in unfamiliar territory, and are able to quickly maneuver resources.

Decisive Entrepreneur

Decisive Entrepreneurs are able to make decisions quickly, and stand by them. They do not procrastinate or hesitate. They are the first to walk through doors of opportunity.

Organized Entrepreneur

Organized Entrepreneurs have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and who will be responsible to see that they are done. They are more methodical than chaotic. They are the puppeteer moving pieces around. They often see problems and correct them before they even happen.

Mentored Entrepreneur

Great entrepreneurs are not born, they are developed through great attitudes and great experiences. They are life-long learners. They were mentored by someone who understood what it meant to be a great entrepreneur. 1040TaxBiz has a system in place that an entrepreneur can leverage to become successful. Contact 1040TaxBiz to find out more. https://www.1040taxbiz.com/contact-us/

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