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Archive for category: Business Leadership and Management

What Is Smart Business Attire for Male and Female

What attire should men and women wear in a business environment? The type of clothing attire you wear depends on the business situation you are in. Th...

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How to Brand a Business

To brand a business is to define, position, and deliver an identity. Branding is related to increasing loyalty to a specific good or service. Brand ma...

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Effective Business Leadership Qualities and Examples

What are the qualities or characteristics of effective business leaders? Leaders are trailblazers. They are visionaries. Great leaders show you the wa...

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Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles Self Assessment Questionnaire

Daniel Goleman is a psychologist and journalist who wrote about Emotional Intelligence. He has identified six leadership styles, and has also develope...

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Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership

The best business ideas for women entrepreneurs, managers and leaders are those that create solutions to personal problems. A female entrepreneur is a...

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