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Tax Advantages by Business Structure: LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, GP, SP

  Choosing the right business structure can be one of the most important decisions a business makes. Each business structure has its own advan...

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Minority Business Grants and Loans

Are there grants and loans designed to help a minority owned business get started? The short answer is YES. Below is a list of some of these grants an...

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How to Start a Business from Home with No Money

  You have a great idea. You see a need that you can fulfill. You see a problem you can solve, but you have little to no money and no one to hel...

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How to Finance a Tax Business, Raise Money

How do I raise money to finance my own tax business? There is a lot to do between the time you have a great business idea and the time you can make mo...

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Best Low-Cost Option to Income Tax Prep Franchise Office, 1040TaxBiz

1040TaxBiz is the best low-cost alternative to a traditional income tax preparation franchise office. A traditional tax franchise office is expensive....

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