Working with 1040 TaxBiz has been one of the greatest and best business choice I made. Previously working for someone else and deciding to open my own location was seriously scary. I contacted 1040 after doing some research and I made that call! I was shocked! From the start, I received reassurance and support.

Over the next 4 years that support and reassurance were repeated over and over. The staff supported me during the tax season and during the offseason. Allowing me to offer clients services year-round. Tech support has helped me every time I had a tech issue.

1040 Has also helped me compete with the surrounding companies allowing me to offer various service to my clients. They have taken a great deal of the headaches away from being in business for myself. I can focus on my clients and implement the marketing strategies 1040 has been nice enough to teach me. While they work out the background details with the banks and software companies.

1040 Also has helped to expand with helping to train workers and to keep myself updated on tax laws. I must say, I have some regrets, but teaming up with 1040 Tax Biz is not one of them. I have had other companies try to sell me on using this or that software, but they cannot match the support, relationships, and the services the I have received in my years with 1040! I am looking forward to many more years of teaming together!

Kinsale VA.


I have been with 1040 taxis for about 2 years now. I couldn't have picked a better company to get started with my own tax service. 

No matter what you run into they are only a phone call or email away to help you get thru it.  It has been a great experience working with them. And I plan on working with the company for many more years to come. 

Tipp City OH.



Well first of all. I would like to thank everyone at 1040taxbiz!

For the opportunity they gave me to be on there team and made me part of there team at a short notice.i am blessed to have met Mr Harold and his team.They stood by me for every question I asked or didn't know  the software all that good but not one time did they fail to help me.i love the system they have put together as a team,all the marketing,the courses,the forms  there is always answer for your questions on the portal.i want to thank you all for all your support that was provided for me.i wasn't alone see you next year and a better year amen Dr cell Sandra  from San Antonio Texas !


I was a Truck Driver for ten years when I started looking for something else to do during the winter. I came across 1040TaxBiz, and after talking with Gloria - I thought I would give it a try. I rented a space, and I did over 180 returns in my first season. I did over 300 returns this tax season averaging over $350 per return. I do not have to drive a truck anymore unless I want to! Everyone with 1040TaxBiz has been helpful. Every problem was fixed quickly! Most were my fault! I just re-signed for next year and I am looking to expand with their Tax Kiosk Program. When I first signed up with 1040TaxBiz I was scared that they were going to take my money. They followed through and sent me information in the mail as promised and my fears then started to go away. I was excited to start learning something new after driving trucks. 1040TaxBiz's training and support gave me the confidence I needed to be successful. For anyone considering 1040TaxBiz I would say trust the company because they do what they say they are going to do.

Atlanta, GA

The staff is very knowledgeable and they were available to answer my questions whenever I needed help. This was my first year going solo., so I had lots of anxiety about how things would work out, but the great folks at 1040TaxBiz were there to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful - from setting up the software I used for transmitting returns to the IRS to helping me collect fees from clients.



Portmouth OH

Katherine Mcdonald

My experience with 1040 TAXBIZ over the years has been life changing. 

                In the beginning I was a little weary about starting a tax business; though, I had worked in taxes for years.  I found out a lot working with 1040 TAXBIZ and I know they helped me make the decision to continue.  My thing is that when you enjoy doing something you will put your all into it and I must say that Jodi, Gloria, Allen, Brent and Sam along with others continue to make my decision to stay with this company a blessing.  There’s not one day if I had an issue that they would not make getting it fixed a priority.   

                We started new software for the tax preparation season and I of all people HATED IT… at first.  I’m a very fast learner but this was NOT what I was use to but after I got my mental system (JODI), in place it became pretty easy for me and my team.  The staff and tech support there at 1040 TAXBIZ were very hands on and had answers to my every question.  You WILL NOT find that anywhere from anyone because I tried others before them.  Along with God and my family I must say this company and its outstanding team have made me more successful than I could ever have imagined.  They helped me grow from doing 30 returns to well over 450 during my time with them.  They also guided me with opening up a new office this year and I’m very eager to see how they help make that location grow.  It does take time and patience but you also have to have a GOOD network of people on your side that has everything you need to succeed and answers when you are COMPLETELY clueless.  1040 TAXBIZ is MY tax family and I would recommend them to anyone. 

So if you are ever wondering about opening up a tax office anywhere please consider this great group of people that makes your success a priority to them… 1040TAXBIZ IS WHERE YOUR FUTURE BEGINS


Customer Service

I have been with 1040TaxBiz for 4 tax seasons. I had a very low startup fee and was a little afraid it was a scam.  I was so wrong!!!  They help me get my own effin and Ptin and help me with every step.   The training was on point from how to prepare taxes, marketing and software. It was a little slow the first year I think I only did about 25 returns.  I was a little disappointed with myself.  But the staff at 1040Taxbiz would not let me down.

1040Taxbiz staff talk with me on ways on how to build for next year and not to be discouraged.  They gave me marketing analysis and help me find an office front it was so cool how much they helped. Their support was great they treated me like I did 100s of returns and not just 25.  1040TaxBiz made me feek important. I always heard Rome was not built in one tax season. Lol.   I am very glad I took that risk 4 years ago.  Let’s just say I do way more than 25 returns now.!!!!


Johnson RI


This is my first year working with 1040 TAXBIZ. 

Hi my name is Veronica Williams, 2017 I join 1040 TAXBIZ. I started out working and a Tax Office and as I was working and seeing the type of money this company was paying I started wondering why I'm here making money for someone else when I could be making this money. In 2015 I started looking for software and using different company demos In 2016 I decided to try 1040 TAXBIZ. I first year I purchase never used it.  In 2017, I decided to try it out.

I'm very glad that I went with 1040 TAXBIZ, the software was very friendly and easy to use. The Staff make you feel like you part of their family. They are a very excellent group to work with, they always polite no matter how many time you call them. and when you call them no wait time, solved every problem, answered every question and handle every concern you had right then and there. Every Staff member was knowledgeable about the software and was able to troubleshoot without placing you on a long hold (if any) or transferring you to someone else.

The price is right and worth it. The online classes are easy and provides you with all the knowledge and updates you need to know about the Tax Laws. I think I will keep my family 1040TAXBIZ.

Veronica Williams

Baltimore MD

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong,

Laplace LA

My experience with 1040tax biz has really been the best partnership I could ever dream for. Four years ago, I went on the search for a solution to help me to jump start my own tax preparing business. I was just starting out never doing any tax return besides my personal return and a few family members. Then I ran across a website at the time that seems to be too good to be true. A tax startup company named 1040taxbiz. At first, I was questioning the cost of doing business with 1040taxbiz vs purchasing my own box software and no staff support. Not long after the first few returns I realized that I really needed 1040taxbiz staff to help me make this dream come true. After the first year and all the support, training and help from the staff at 1040taxbiz it was worth every penny of the cost. In short, my first year without any pre-advertisement not even a single business card, I grossed a really nice salary for a few hours of work a week.  In short, the peace of mind I have as a tax preparer knowing that I have an entire staff in Indiana to my disposal to make my business model of processing returns from the client first day interview to bank products check printing. 1040taxbiz allowed me to call anytime and someone would assist me to resolve any issue. As years went on 1040taxbiz provided me with free training and knowledge to become a premiere tax preparer. 

In conclusion, there would be no Armstrong’s Tax services if there were no 1040taxbiz. Thanks to Jodi, Brent, Gloria and others staff who is not named that worked in the background I don’t normally speak to. I would like to say also Thank you guys for allowing me Brian Armstrong to act like I’m the boss, because of your support to me from your team collective make me feel like I’m just that (I own my own Company) important.

I would recommend 1040taxbiz to everyone even all my local competitors but deep down I really don’t want to give them access to my dream team (1040taxbiz staff). Next season would be my 4th year with 1040taxbiz and I’m already planning to grow in volume and staff. And I would not do it without my 1040taxbiz partnership and support staff. 1040taxbiz provides me peace of mind along with a turnkey tax preparing solution. They do all the work all I have to do is enter the client’s data into the system then I get paid (ENOUGH SAID).  On behalf of Armstrong’s Tax services, I feel that 1040taxbiz helps their client to live the American dream. 

Laplace, LA

Growing a tax office can necessitate a move. Your site selection is a critical decision process that can make the difference between success and failure. The target community must include enough taxpayers to provide the number of clients you need at a market share that you can reasonably attain in order to realize the required revenue for a successful office. Once you determine the market, the office location is the next crucial decision. A professional office building might be appropriate for an executive-level tax service, but, for a successful mass-market tax service, you may want to consider a retail storefront with high visibility. In this case, site selection involves many key considerations

Performance-based compensation is the ideal because it provides an incentive to employees based on the contributions they make to the company. However, preparers who simply crank out tax returns to generate fees while failing to satisfy the client and deliver true value are not making a contribution to the success of the business. To encourage friendly, competent client service, you could pay extra compensation for generating client referrals and improving client retention rates. Consider providing incentives for completing annual continuing professional education (CPE) requirements and attaining professional credentials such as the enrolled agent status. The tax office staff, including the receptionist and clerical employees, could share in an “Office Bonus Pool” equal to a percentage of the growth in office revenue over the prior year. Also consider providing incentives for the accuracy rate of tax returns prepared. The most significant measure of a productive tax preparer’s performance is client retention. Paying extra bonuses to tax preparers whose personal client retention rates exceed 75 to 80 percent could produce dramatic results in terms of growth. The pay plan should, ideally, reward tax professionals for production, while also encouraging teamwork and a commitment to providing quality client service and delivering true value.


As you add more employees, communication and management become more complex. Because of your time constraints, tax preparers and other office employees might not be able turn to you whenever they have a question about how a particular situation should be handled. Yet, if you’re a typical owner, you want things to be done your way. This situation calls for standardized answers to scores of questions such as how should the staff:

• Answer the telephone?

 • Resolve client problems?

• Price, prepare, check, process, and e-file tax returns?

• Meet IRS due diligence requirements?

• Handle payments and bank deposits?

 • Report daily results?


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