1040taxbiz has developed a business model that allows Individual entrepreneurs to leverage their time and labor to open their own business.  The large franchise typically will require a large up front investment from the entrepreneur to bring them into their operation and share their company's Name and secret of success.  They offer the entrepreneur many advantages in starting their new business.  They bring experience, buying power, marketing, and support. this greatly enhances the entrepreneur chances of success.

1040taxbiz has found that by removing the high up front cost, they can work with many more talented people.  We have try to analyze our cost us to bring someone up to speed in opening a new location.  This cost will vary depending package purchased, the number of offices being open and the time of year.

Our  Average first Year cost:   $3,900.00   to   $7,899.00  Per Location.    

  • Program Setup:
  • Training:
  • Marketing:
  • Seasonal Support:
  • Off Season Support:
  • $1,550.00  to   $3,500.00  per location
  • $   600.00  to   $4,450.00  per location
  • $   250.00  to   $1,800.00  per location
  • $   890.00  to   $1,400.00  per location
  • $   350.00  to   $2,400.00  per location 


 To offset these real cost to 1040taxbiz, we use a "Revenue Sharing" model.  So that the Partner - "you" does not have to come up with a high up-front fee.  We spread the cost over several seasons.  1040taxbiz absorbs the initial cost and recovers the investment from "TAX PREP FEES".  

Most partners "you"  start at a 70/30 split for most packages.  that means you get 70% of the "tax prep fees"  With a few exceptions you set the prep fees for your office.  We do encourage a minimum on fees, however it is your business and you have control.  We are taking a risk in some cases, but we find most people understand the program and works honestly with us.  By year two (2) most offices are on an 80% / 20% split.

We do offer packages that start at an 80% / 20% after you meet "Package Minimum".

Examples: National Average Tax Prep Fee: the average fee for an itemized 1040 with Schedule C and a state tax return is $457, according to a biennial survey from the National Society of Accountants.

                 70% / 30% Split          

80 / 20 before Package Minimum

80 / 20 split after Package Minimum

Return charges           $457.00

Partner Split:              $332.50

1040taxbiz Split:         $142.5

Return charges        $457.00

Partner Split:           $237.00

1040taxbiz Split:      $237.00

Return charges           $457.00

Partner Split:              $380.00

1040taxbiz Split:         $95.0


 Participants in revenue sharing models need to be clear about how revenue is collected, measured and distributed. The events that trigger revenue sharing, such as a Package Minimum or IRS Funding, and the methods of calculation are not always visible to everyone involved, so contracts 1040taxbiz staff if you have questions



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