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  • Promotional Program
    Promotional Program Grow your business 60-70% by using 1040TaxBiz promotional program. Give them a MP3 player for bringing in their W2 or Pay Stub, a PXP3 Game System when their return is accepted by the IRS and a Tablet Computer when the IRS funds their return. Call today!
  • National Placement
    National Placement Over 8,000 locations available inside Family Dollar, for as little as $1,400 your business is ready to go. This limited time, limited placement offer includes everything. Rent, power, software, customers, marketing. Don't just take 1, take 5! Call today!
  • Complete business for $1,400
    Complete business for $1,400 One low price, $1,400 gets you everything you need to start your own tax business. 30,000 potential clients, location, software and marketing.
  • Open a Tax Preparation Office
    Open a Tax Preparation Office Every year 90 million Americans have to file their taxes. Start your own business today and become financially independent. Let us show you how to make money in the tax industry.
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  • Training
    Training 1040TaxBiz is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and the IRS as a provider of Tax courses. Call today, to signup!
  • Marketing Support
    Marketing Support Today there is a tax office on every corner. To be successful you must out think and out market your competition. Your services must be better than theirs. Tax season is very short, can you afford to be wrong! Be part of our Marketing campaign this tax season.
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Our Online Package give you everything you need for this coming tax season.  Software,training,and marketing support.  Operate a stand alone tax office or incorpriate this service into your exsiting business (Check cashing - Payday loan - Insurance).  For $249.00 it is a great way to start.

Our Seasonal D.A.S. package is the best in town.  Your Tax Office will complete with the big guys in town.  You get our Industry leading software, top of line IRS reviewed training on tax preparation and our office management program.We hold your hand all the way through tax season.  We check every return, so you and your client knows it was done Right! We support your client year round, even when you close.

If you want to operate a full Tax preparation and consultanting business, then look at our Premium Package.  It offers everything you need from industry leading software to marketing support, tax training and continuing educational development. This package will make you look and feel like the big guys. You will be able to offer year round service to your clients. Develop business products that you can market.

If you have been waiting for the right time to start, or expand, your tax practice, your wait is over. For a low start-up fee and a choice of options, you can open a complete tax office inside one of the nation's fastest growing discount chains just in time for the upcoming tax season.

As part of the program you will receive everything you need to run your business including the location, marketing and major utilities paid in advance. With the support of the 1040TaxBiz package, including the 1040TaxBiz staff as your back office staff, you have nothing to do but make a profit.

With more than 8,500 locations, the partnership with this National Retailer is a great opportunity for any existing tax preparation business to expand by two, three, or even ten locations. It also allows first-time tax preparers the opportunity to open a location with very little money down.

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